You and I

I’m trying to try, continuing to lie
To myself, and everyone I’m surrounded by.
That I don’t love you anymore

You said I was everything a man could possibly ask for
You said there was just one me
Then her? Why was it her that you chose?

Was I not loving?
Am I not enough?
Or just that I’m not her?

I remember every moment shared, every text exchanged.
Does she? Will she love you so much that it destroys her?
Will she love you half as much as I have?
Do you even remember me, who’s heart is broken?

All so easy for you.
Were you really into me or was it again just me and my fantasy?
Every moment, every memory rewinds in my mind every night

All those midnight chats
Those late night drunk calls
Those all night till the sunrise snapchats
They were all with me and will always be

So many questions to which you are the answer. I want to flood your inbox and destroy you, make you guilty for what you did to me.
You killed every bit of love and trust I had
Left me lonely, wandering, in search of love that I’ll never find

But even after all this, it’s just you who is my first thought when I get up and last thought before I sleep
Because I know I love you now and will until my heart beats.


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