Oh babe
I’m now no more the girl who’s behind you
No more the girl you could call crazy for you
No more the girl you can claim apologies from

I’ve changed.
Yes I have
Not as per any of your demands
Not trying to match your list of perfection

I ain’t giving you the priority you never deserved
I ain’t giving you the attention you weren’t worthy of
Not giving you my precious time you never valued
You ain’t ever gonna get it back

I’m more than strong enough
I’m more than changed
Changed, not for you but for myself
I’ve risen from my weaknesses

I got up, a wounded warrior
I have left the pains behind
I’ve overcome from things that once scared me about losing you
Those seemingly unforgettable pains? I doubt I’ll ever remember what they were

I have nothing but elevated
Elevated from our memories
Elevated from every thought of you
Elevated from every drop of you
And most of all, YOU.






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