It was a starry starry night
When I heard the strange voice

That’s when my thoughts went a mile
In a really short while

All alone I felt
With anger….huger than a stealth

I felt really cursed
And absolutely needed to be nursed

My only companion…I wanted back
With the beauty of love, filling the rack

The strange voice I’d heard that night
Had a mysterious impact on my fright

My body turned flaccid and fell
I couldn’t make out what I really felt

The voice, had the answers to my puzzle
The answers I’d been looking for all my life

I got up from my dream
Looked for the voice

The voice which made me think
The voice which made me realize
The voice which I needed for my life
Had just vanished

Time passed, time flew but that voice
It remained as disembody forever



He was the panacea to my disease

He was everything I’d wanted, wished for

He could be my cure, my pain, my happiness, my all.

But chose the path which lead him away from me

By the time he realized what I meant in his life, I was gone

I was broke

I was hurt

I needed something more than just love

I needed his time

I needed his attention

I never wanted him, I always needed him.

And this need made me what I am now

My disease was not just being lonely but was being in love with someone who never looked upon to me the way I did

He proved to be the panacea to my disease

He did cure me

Not with love but disappointment.


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